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first few meters
first few meters
Nana Konedu Yiadom - Chairwoman of the Upper Denkyira East Queen Council

Upper Denkyira East Queen Council Chairwoman Nana Konedu Yiadom was very helpful in introducing us to the various villages in the region. Kwameprekrom was identified by local officials as a village with a high incidence of child mortality linked to diarrhea, probably due to unsafe water supply. So, we decided to drill for water and test its quality. The ground water appeared to be contaminated with fecal bacteria. To address this issue, we started building a rudimental water purification plant; a spirulina raceway. In specific conditions (high pH, alkaline), spirulina outcompetes all other organisms, except for diatoms (see research)

Kwameprekrom is situated on the road from Dunkwa-on-Offin to Ayanfuri. To build the spirulina raceway (see video), we were allowed to use the land of an abandoned poultry farm. We started building a 150 square meter concrete raceway, requiring 110 bags of cement, sand, and 40 mt aggregate. It was arranged that local farmers will use the cultivated spirulina as animal feed, in exchange for maintenance of the raceway.